Coddi & Womple Divya Panther SS Babydoll dress in Paradise Green


This beautiful pale green short sleeved dress features Divya the panther.   Divya is prowling, sometimes pawing at leaves, sometimes watching a snake.  It’s finished with a gorgeous yellow trim at the sleeves and neck and it has pockets!


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In the Indian jungle the leaves are coloured in every shade of green, from jade to emerald to
chartreuse and all shades in-between. The flowers grow like rainbows and the air is warm but wet,
and trying to hide is a silent creature that no one has ever met.
Divya is a black leopard and the jungle is her home. It is a wonderful place for a big cat to live, with
plenty of room to roam. Divya’s black coat can go unseen in the dark of the night, but it’s a tricky job
to blend in when the sun is up and bright.
‘I can be as quiet as the shadows.
I can hide under leaves.
But when I say try to say hello…all the animals scream!’
It seems a HUGE black cat, with BIG white teeth, approaching in the day… creates a big stampede as
the animals run away!
Will I ever see a floating butterfly? or watch a green snake slither by? I want to see the colours of the
Indian ringneck …….Yes, blending in is a trick Divya hasn’t learnt yet.
She can jump, she can swim, and in the shadows, she is hidden.
She can climb trees with her claws and sneak with quiet paws.
But it doesn’t matter Divya can move as quiet as a butterflies. During the day, this big black cat still
needs a disguise.
‘I’ve got it!’ she purrs. ‘With the jungle I’ll become one, by making a painting that’s second to none!’
Poof! goes purple,
blob goes blue,
wooosssh, goes yellow, as the jungle flowers flew.
Orange from pollen,
petals for pink,
gloop from leaf greens, so it all sticks.
Divya mixes a flower collage, and before long, she’s painted herself a daylight camouflage!
With a happy purr (and jungle-coloured fur), Divya’s now free to roam around—sun up or sun down.

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