Coddi & Womple Cedar in the Berry Bush Short Sleeved Twirl Dress


Young Cedar is a New Zealand red deer you can find deep in the bush where the berries grow wild.  Illustrated with the iconic kiwi fantail bird and a rather cute familiar friend, Thistle.

A beautiful berry red with a purple berry trim.

Circle skirt designed to twirl endlessly.

Side pockets for collecting curious things.

Perfectly sized with a full year of growing room.




Earn up to 32 Points.


High in the hills of the New Zealand bush, fantails fly in loops with a whooosh. Here blackberries grow wild to keep your tummy fed, from black to purple and not-ready red.

All of the animals gather around, from Bob the swooping fantail to Thistle on the ground. But as they sneak a berry, the bush gives them a tickle, and …‘OUCH!!!’They are suddenly scratched by a prickle!.

Then with a rustle the bush starts to rise—all of the animals jump back in surprise! Well, it wasn’t the bush that was moving at all; it was hairy and red and growing so tall!! With a stomp, stomp, stomp, his heavy hooves go by—here, there and everywhere, all the berries fly! Not a single prickle is to be seen; just berries of purple and leaves of green. Down flies Bob to catch the big berries. Thistle finds a patch and is feeling rather merry.

‘Who is this beast? He’s not at all mean. Giving us berries; could this be a dream?’

“My name is Cedar,”a booming voice calls. They look up to see someone strong, hairy and tall. His antlers are wrapped with prickled vines.

“There you go little ones. Berries taste divine.”

Just like a king wearing a crown, he tears through the bush sharing kindness around. Stomping his hooves, his booming voice sings, “Berries are delicious, but kindness is king!”.

A few words from Coddi & Womple:

Coddiwomple (v)

To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

The birds are calling… morning is here! Where shall we go today? The big, big world awaits with all its adventures. I’m so excited. I can’t sit still. Take my hand and let’s go. Can we go for a walk? I’ll collect the world in my pockets, pick up some sticks, and poke around in the mud? Maybe I’ll find a frog today or a dinosaur! Pretty please let’s jump in puddles. Can I take off my shoes mum? Let me be a child for a little longer. Let’s go coddiwompling today.

Where to find magic

Welcome to the inquisitive, round-eyed world of Coddi & Womple.

We are about the curious tots, the help-a-frog-find-a-puddle toddlers, little wanderers pondering why bees love flowers, and explorers digging in the mud for bugs. We are of inquiring minds and cherish slowing down our time together.

We believe when children connect with Mother Earth and her creatures something truly magical happens, peace is brought to the child and in turn the parent and just like that the tricky days of parenting are eased and a love for nature is born.

We know that childhoods are magical and pass by in the blink of an eye. Coddi & Womple tries to capture that magic and thread it through every fibre of our clothes. Our relaxed playwear celebrates childhood with hand drawn illustrations in all colours of the rainbow. We thread equal parts wonder and science into every print on our playwear. The result? Curious, engaging clothing for kids from a part of their world, bringing joy and wonder to your little coddiwompler – so they can discover their new world without fuss.

 A 100 Years of History

For 100 years our family has lived on the land.

For 100 years we have loved animals, jumped in puddles, fed the eels in our drain, protected the cows from the rain. Tickled pigs noses, danced through Nan’s roses. We rode bareback on the beach, climbed high in the trees, made blush -buttercup cheeks and blew dandelion seeds. Patiently awaited new ducklings, built huts in the trees, chased butterflys … we lived with mucky knees.

Coddi & Womple is not just a brand, it’s our heritage – it’s our way.

What we are made of

Oh-so-comfortable certified 95% organic cotton (Global Organic Textiles Standard) and 5% elastane our practical, unisex clothes are gentle on little kids, and the earth. Every garment is ethically and sustainably sourced and made, ensuring fairness for all those who’ve helped bring Coddi and Womple to life. I hope you and your children love Coddi & Womple as much as we do.

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2 years, 8 years


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