Walkiddy Colourful Dragonflies Shorts


Navy blue shorts with drawstring waist.  This gorgeous print features pink, purple and blue dragonflies hovering over water lillies.

95% cotton and 5% elastane.


Earn up to 19 Points.


Walkiddy say:

The sun is shining on us and puts a big smile on our faces. That means it’s time for Walkiddy to brighten the wardrobes of the little ones with the Spring/Summer’22 Collection! Are you ready for a warm journey with our prints? Come on then!  Our first stop is Africa… Elephants, lions, and zebras greet the kids from the sun continent with their enchanting beauty. In the magic lake, red-eyed tree frogs and colorful dragonflies invite little dreamers to write their own fairy tales. Then the adventure continues in the blue depths of the ocean… While pirate ships and mermaids lead tiny explorers to new adventures… whales, white horses and blue seahorses become unforgettable hosts of the most beautiful dreams. What about the birds of rainforest? Colorful parrots have already begun to sing summer songs from their tropical home. We also have a few surprises this season… Our denim collection is ready for our eco-friendly parents! During the production process of the denim clothes, we minimized water, chemical, and energy consumption to offer you more sustainable jeans. Moreover, from now on we join the little ones’ on the beach with our unique patterned bikinis, swimming trunks, and sunsuits! This season would you like to join us on our sunny and fabulous journey? So let’s make a splash on beautiful, shiny days with Walkiddy!

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