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Fancy giving WrapTai a go but not sure about investing in something without trying it out? Then why not borrow one and give it a go?

The £60 charge is made up of £20 for a two week rental and postage to you and a £40 deposit.  The £40 deposit will be returned to you as soon as the carrier is received back with us.  You need to cover the cost of return postage.

The carrier must be returned in the same state that it was received by you or you may lose some of your deposit.

If you’d like to borrow a carrier for longer just email hou@gwisklowen.co.uk and we’ll sort that out for you.

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You can find the user manual for the WrapTai here:


Lenny WrapTai is a combination of a MeiTai carrier and a wrap. It has a very comfortable panel that snugs your baby but it also has a four-way wrap straps that will distribute the weight evenly over the shoulders and the upper body. You can use the Lenny WrapTai for front and back carry.

Lenny WrapTai is reversible! Both sides can be worn 🙂

Every Lenny WrapTai is a wrap conversion which means it is made of the same high quality fabrics we use for manufacturing our wraps 🙂

Lenny WrapTai is compliant with the  ASTM F2236-16a norm.

Lenny WrapTai is available in two sizes: Mini and Toddler.

Mini size – recommended for children aged from 4 to 18 months. The maximum weight of a child is up to 18kg. Toddler size – recommended for children over 10 months of age. The maximum weight is up to 20kg. WrapTai carrier is a special type of a carrier, since it can be used earlier than other carriers. It is possible because of its special construction. Its shoulder straps are made of a wide strip of a wrap, which stabilises the position of a baby on the sides.

The Lenny WrapTai has been acknowledged as a “hip healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

This is a special type of a carrier as it can be used earlier than other carriers. This is because of the wrap straps that also support your baby’s body on the sides. The best way to find the size the best for your baby is to look at the dimensions of the carrier (available in carriers’ description on our website) and adjust it to your baby. The bottom of the panel shouldn’t be wider than the distance between the knees of the baby. Ideally, the edges of the panel should be under your baby’s knees.

Toddler size:

waist strap length: 105 cm each
shoulder straps length: 205 cm
Maximum child’s weight – 20 kg


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