Coddi & Womple Bruno Bear SS Tee in Lemon Verbena


This beautiful pale yellow short sleeved t-shirt features Bruno the bear as he tries to catch fish and then as he succeeds and sits down to enjoy his feast.  It has an blue trim at the neck and sleeves.


Earn up to 22 Points.


Bruno is hungry, he’s awoken from his cave and wandered down to his homely river feeling rather
Into the water his slow paws pound, but there is chaos in this river though it doesn’t make a sound.
“I’ve been here for ages, what’s going on? I’ve been chasing fish all day something here is wrong. The water is flying every where and the sky isn’t even blue, there has got to be fish inside this river it’s the one thing I knew!”
For a bear a river is a kitchen, filled with fish delight, but all he can see is a rainbow as the fish are taking flight.
Jumping up over his head and back down by his paws, Bruno stretches his neck right out and opens wide his jaws.
Yet, no fish lands in his mouth, they think it’s a great joke, to be jumping up and around this hairy big brown bloke.
But Bruno is very patient, he just slept for 200 days! He thinks to himself.
“I’ve waited for my dinner for months so what is one more day.”
In the wild river he kept his paws on the rocks, while the jumping fish made a rainbow, hungry bears they loved to mock.Over and over until the end of the day when the winds changed, it just so happened. The fish slowed down and Bruno caught a salmon.

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