Walkiddy Penguin Family Tube Scarf


Walkiddy tube scarf in gorgeous penguin print.  Made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

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Walkiddy say:

Our Children are the purest gifts that have been given to us in this vulnerable world. With this consciousness, we want our clothing to protect our children’s sensitive skin and bodies. Children’s clothing is a big part of their development, as it is constantly touching their still fragile skin. For this reason, we have put great diligence into creating the best quality products while upholding our moral obligations and social duties to our world.

We always strive to use the minimum amount of water while producing these special goods for your loved ones. We use sustainable production, aiming to make the least impact on our environment as possible. Therefore, our GOTS and EIM certificates are very important  to us and proves our commitment to our earth and our people.

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