Tilly Tabby Rainbow Musical Shakers


“6 Rainbow Musical Shakers”

6 Handmade Crochet Cotton Shakers in a Box.

They are simple, open-ended toys that encourage imagination during play while refining motor skills. An Eco conscious fidget toy. Great for sensory stimulation and tactile fun as well as developing musical skills (e.g. keeping a pulse/copying a rhythm). They provide a responsive, multi-sensory experience.

Also Perfect for Rainbow play with the Tilly Tabby Rainbow Sorting Cups.

6 pieces.

Materials: made of 100% Cotton & metal bell.

Size: diameter = 4.5cm
circumference = 14cm

CE tested.

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At Tilly Tabby they are committed to minimising environmental impact in all steps of production. These Rainbow Nesting Bowls are made from 100% sustainable materials.

The packaging they use is always biodegradable, recycled, or repurposed.

Please remember that this item is lovingly and entirely made by hand, and as with all handmade items, there will be irregularities and small imperfections that will not be encountered in mass produced merchandise.


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