Mullido Green Koala Leggings


These gorgeous leggings from Mullido are a gorgeous bright green and feature cuddling grey koalas on branches.


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Mullido say:

Welcome to Australia!

A unique adventure on the other side of the world awaits you. We will take you on an extraordinary journey on the trail of Australian fauna, leading among eucalyptus forests and through the rusty red desert bathed in the scorching sun. We will venture deep into the Australian outback, discover beautiful national parks, and surfing the long sandy beaches of the east coast. It will be an extremely colorful and exotic journey, divided into two main stages: the amazing East Coast and the mysterious Outback. Our five amazing pets can’t wait to show you all the colors of Australia!

Our comfortable stretch jersey leggings allow your child to romp around and play in any conditions! Super stretchy, pleasant to the touch and perfectly fitted. It is said that only children and leggings tell the whole truth. We assure you that our leggings will not lie to any girl!

Made of the highest quality organic cotton with a GOTS certificate. The print was applied digitally with ecological and certified inks. The product is 100% Polish, created from start to finish in harmony with nature and the environment. Stretchy enough to ensure maximum comfort when your child wears it.

Composition: 92% GOTS-certified organic cotton, 8% elastane

Take care of the products and enjoy them as long as possible – machine wash at 30°C (86°F). Do not dry in direct sunlight. Avoid drying in a tumble dryer.

The photos are for illustration only – the layout of the pattern may differ on every product.

Let us begin by disproving a certain, repeatedly repeated theory. Koala is NOT a bear as it is commonly referred to. Sounds fun, but it’s in no way related to bears. He’s a marsupial, and he’s super cute . However, without a doubt the koala is a symbol and icon of Australia. If the competition for the most popular Australian pet was not won by a kangaroo, it is very likely that it would be our gray marsupial.

Koala feeds on eucalyptus leaves, which are extremely toxic, have a fibrous structure and provide very little nutrient. That is why the koala can sleep up to 20 hours a day . Digesting eucalyptus is not a simple matter. We are debunking another myth that it was caused by the substances contained in eucalyptus leaves, which make our hero cheer up.

The front legs of the koala have two thumbs , making it easier to grab food and move through trees. Because you must know that the koala descends from the tree only to move on to the next one.

We are ECO!

At Mullido, we care about the quality, composition and origin of our products.

The cotton we sew is GOTS certified .

We use only the best quality fabrics , coloring them with ecological paints that are safe for children , also certified by GOTS.

We have recycled strings and recycled cardboard. We avoid plastic like fire.

By purchasing our products, you support not only our idea, but also initiatives that contribute to making the world a better place to live.

We believe that small steps make a big difference!

All our products are made in Poland from start to finish  .

When creating Mullido, we were guided by the principle that when you do something, it’s either good or not at all.

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