LennyLamb Stretchy Wrap in Ruby (2nd grade)


Gorgeous stretchy wrap, perfect for newborn snuggles.

Measures 5m.

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The LennyLamb Stretchy Wrap is a perfect carrier for a newborn baby. It is very soft and mouldable. It is a perfect option for parents who are just learning babywearing as this wrap is very easy to use – it does not require pulling the fabric. It is often recommended as a first wrap for parents who don’t have the confidence in their babywearing skills yet.

LennyLamb Stretchy Wraps are 100% cotton, they are made from best quality fabrics.

Stretchy wraps can be used from day one until your baby is 10kg.

The LennyLamb Stretchy Wrap has been acknowledged as a “hip healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Please note that this is a second grade product:

“2nd grade products have some aesthetic defect (double, broken thread, pills, colour or pattern difference or other). 2nd grade products can also not be affected by any from above but the fabric used in those products can be unfinished and can require a bit longer time for breaking in or the products were part of the photo session. None of them affects safety. They are as safe as 1st grade products.”


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