LennyLamb LennyBomber in Jurassic Park New Era and Black

When I saw the gorgeous jurassic Park New Era fabric from LennyLamb I just knew it needed to be made into a LennyBomber! These aren’t available as standard but I asked very nicely and LennyLamb made it happen! Just look at this beauty!

If you’d like one in a different size or fabric just let me know! Drop me an email at hou@gwisklowen.co.uk.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Bomber jacket. or maybe a baseball jacket? No matter the name, it brings a smile to a face! Fashionable, stylish, comfortable. Colourful threads are weaved in the weaving studio into a full-colour wrap – now, they play the main role in the most iridescent sweatshirt. The combination of the high-quality LennyLamb wrap fabrics and 100% cotton jersey will give perfect designs, in which your kid will look stunning.

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