LennyLamb Fleece Sweatshirt in Black and Little Herringbone Illusion


This gorgeous black fleece sweatshirt is perfect for chilly days. The neck can also be used as a hood to keep really snuggly.

The main body of this jumper is black fleece, the neck is a light and dark blue woven fabric. This lovely woven fabric is also used as a feature on the pockets.


Earn up to 55 Points.


LennyLamb say:

Fleece Sweatshirt in LL Style is a real must have. It will keep you warm and will make you look great ! It is made of soft fleece. The amazing colorful collar can alo be worn as a hood. The sleeves are long enough to cover your hands and they have a hole for the thumb.

It is a unisex model that will look good on men and women.

IMPORTANT: this sweatshirt does not have a babywearing pocket.

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