JNY Linen / Vest in Submarine Print


Gorgeous soft vest in organic cotton.


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Some information from JNY:



JNY is a Swedish children’s clothing brand founded in Åre in 2005.
One winter day in Åre, a hobby became a company and a dream come true. From the very beginning, our focus has been on designing and manufacturing durable high quality children’s clothing in both design, materials, sewing and fit. The company’s headquarters are still in Åre and this is where our talented designers also draw their inspiration to create our clothes and fabrics.
We believe that children want to be children and not small adults. Therefore, children’s clothing should be comfortable, playful and made with the utmost care at every stage. Our aim is not that all adults should like our clothes, but that all children should love them. Each collection of printed designs should be combined with our single-color collections.

” We always start with the children when we illustrate new prints or new models in our four annual collections. We want children to be children and not small adults and our clothes tell a story for them”

Malin Käll, designer JNYkids


Regardless of eco-labeling, the clothing industry is one of the world’s largest polluters. We will never come from that.
Buying an eco-labeled garment is one of many steps to contribute to a change, but there are many more. A garment that retains color, shape and function for a long time means an even better choice. For us, sustainability means making choices that always mean the best for both our children and our environment. In order to meet our values ​​and quality requirements, all our production is now taking place in Europe at smaller family-owned factories. This means that we can work very close to our factories and go well in order that the working conditions correspond to laws, regulations but also our own even higher requirements. Production in Europe also means considerably shorter freight routes.

Today, we are very proud that all of our cotton fabrics from 2015 are made of GOTS ™ certified organic cotton. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS ™) is an international label for clothing and textiles that covers both social and environmental requirements. GOTS ™ aims to make it easier for the consumer to choose textile products where a holistic perspective has been taken with regard to both environmental and social responsibility throughout the chain. The chain comprises several steps; cultivation, picking, processing and fabrication.

“All our clothing is made of organic cotton because it is part of what we all stand for. Together with other colleagues in the industry, we have a great responsibility to contribute to as little impact on the environment as possible.”


Jenny Fagergren, owner and CEO of JNYkids


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