Dotty D Bright Rainbow Jumper for Adults and Children


This gorgeous rainbow sweater from Dotty D is available in lots of different colours and sizes, it’s perfect for the whole family!  Available with a bright or pastel rainbow and with 4 different colour sweatshirts; dark grey, light grey, black or navy, there really is something for everyone!

Please note that this listing is for the bright rainbow, the pastel rainbow can be found separately!



I just love these beautiful jumpers and I’m a big fan of a bit of matching with my daughter!

Make sure you choose the right option carefully from the drop down menu as there’s a lot to choose from!

These jumpers are WRAP and SEDEX accredited.

Please note, all Dotty D items are made to order and are sent to you direct from Dotty D, there is therefore a wait of up to 3 weeks for these items.

Pesky Poppers?


Additional information

Size and colour

9-12 months light grey, 12-18 months light grey, 18-24 months light grey, 2-3 light grey, 3-4 light grey, 4-5 light grey, 5-6 light grey, 6-7 light grey, 7-8 light grey, 8-9 light grey, 9-10 light grey, 10-11 light grey, 11-12 light grey, 12-13 light grey, 13-14 light grey, 9-12 months dark grey, 12-18 months dark grey, 18-24 months dark grey, 2-3 dark grey, 3-4 dark grey, 4-5 dark grey, 5-6 dark grey, 6-7 dark grey, 7-8 dark grey, 8-9 dark grey, 9-10 dark grey, 10-11 dark grey, 11-12 dark grey, 12-13 dark grey, 13-14 dark grey, 9-12 months black, 12-18 months black, 18-24 months black, 2-3 black, 3-4 black, 4-5 black, 5-6 black, 6-7 black, 7-8 black, 8-9 black, 9-10 black, 10-11 black, 11-12 black, 12-13 black, 13-14 black, 9-12 months navy, 12-18 months navy, 18-24 months navy, 2-3 navy, 3-4 navy, 4-5 navy, 5-6 navy, 6-7 navy, 7-8 navy, 8-9 navy, 9-10 navy, 10-11 navy, 11-12 navy, 12-13 navy, 13-14 navy, Adults XS light grey, Adults S light grey, Adults M light grey, Adults L light grey, Adults XL light grey, Adults XXL light grey, Adults XXXL light grey, Adults XS dark grey, Adults S dark grey, Adults M dark grey, Adults L dark grey, Adults XL dark grey, Adults XXL dark grey, Adults XXXL dark grey, Adults XS black, Adults S black, Adults M black, Adults L black, Adults XL black, Adults XXL black, Adults XXXL black, Adults XS navy, Adults S navy, Adults M navy, Adults L navy, Adults XL navy, Adults XXL navy, Adults XXXL navy


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