Coddi & Womple Astrid and Orion the Starlighters Dungarees


Gorgeous Coddi & Womple dungarees.


Earn up to 16 Points.


For the baby dragons learning to walk but wanting to fly!

Astrid and Orion are the spirit animal for babies full of fire, let them spread their wings of imagination, to help the night-time stars stay alight!

Pair me with the ‘rainbow scales’ onsie.

Our rainbow dragons, Astrid and Orion are busting myths and re-telling the story of these fire breathing beauties.

  • Discover the rest of Astrid and Orion’s fire breathing ways – full story card comes with your garment.
  • Made of 95% Globally Certified Organic Cotton and 5% elastane.
  • Double buttons to allow for shortening length or extending wear.
  • Foldable leg cuffs to adjust leg length.
  • Naturally breathable fabric that allows babies to move with ease.
  • Black as the night with a blue light trim.

All Coddi & Womple prints are designed with a dream, pencil, and paper. Hand-drawn, the old school way and brought to life the new school way to celebrate our creatures just. as. they. are – because they are perfect as they are.

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12-18 months


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