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Lenny Lamb Has Arrived At Gwisk Lowen!

I’m so excited! All of the loveliness has arrived. My Lenny Lamb onbu changed my life when it arrived. My disability made it so hard to leave the house with my daughter but my Lenny Lamb onbu made it possible again! And now I have gorgeous Lenny Lamb products in stock!

I’ll be uploading these gorgeous items to the website just as soon as my little one decides she’s going to have a nap! It’s only a small order this time but I’ll be placing another order early next week so if there’s anything you’d like me to add just let me know!

Lenny Lamb onbuhimo

Lenny Lamb Lennyup carrier

Lenny Lamb ergonomic carrier

Lenny Lamb doll carrier

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Gwisk Lowen is born!

It’s an exciting day in the Gwisk Lowen household!  Our first stock (from wonderful Boodle) has arrived and we’re getting ready to open the doors of our brand new shop!

We have beautiful clothes on the way from Lil’ Cubs, Little Green Radicals, Kite, JNY and Naperonuttu!  We will also soon be placing orders with Loud + Proud and The Bunting Tree!  As well as stunning, ethically made clothing we will also be selling Lenny Lamb slings and a lovely range of cards from Clara and Macy.

We hope to increase our product line to include toys as well in the very near future.

You will find that Gwisk Lowen is no ordinary children’s clothes shop.  We only sell products which meets our high standards for being ethically made but we also describe our clothes in great detail.  As a mum with a disability I have been frustrated on numerous occasions by clothing that I’ve bought online and that I haven’t been able to manage.  A wriggly baby is hard enough to dress, an unwilling toddler is a different ball game altogether and if you add a parent with a physical disability into the mix things can get very tricky.

I’ve tried to choose clothes that I know I could manage in the hope that others will find them easy to manage too.  I appreciate however that having a physical disability doesn’t make us all able to manage in the same way so I hope that the in depth descriptions will help parents to choose items that they can manage.  I have to confess that I have got some stock coming that has poppers!  Shock horror!  I had wanted a popper free shop but sometimes things are just too pretty and they’re worth the struggle!

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